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Here are recent properties we have completed. Take a look at our images and see how we repair and replace every type of asphalt roof with a variety of properties in the local area. CLICK Image to ENLARGE

  • New Construction

A roof we just finished. Came out great GAF timberline Hickory. 

  • New Construction

A roof we completed last week. Pewter Gray looks great

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  • New Construction

Strip and re roof With GAF timberline shakewood. Looks and came out great!

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  • New Construction

Strip and reroof with a pair of new skylights. GAF Timberline Charcoal... Looks and came out great

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  • Barn Roofs 

Strip and re roof on the front of this barn with GAF timberline Charcoal. Looks great!

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  • New Construction

‚ÄčA two layer strip and re roof we just finished. We removed all the old roof vents. Then installed ridge ventalation. Much more effective. This roof came out very nice it is GAF timberline Biskaine blue

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  • New Construction

Strip and re roof. Sometimes with the rain it's all about timing. Worked out great to get this roof done! GAF Timbeline shakewood. Looks and came out great!

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  • New Construction

Two layer strip and reroof with chimney cap. GAF Timberline pewter gray

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  • New Construction

This two layer strip was done prematurely due to a bad installation. Made it susceptible to high winds. The gun nails went straight through a lot of the top layer. It is done perfectly now and hand nailed. GAF timberline Hickory

large roof replacement (1)
large roof replacement (6)
large roof replacement (4)
large roof replacement (2)
  • New Construction

Two layer strip and reroof with plywood replacement. Always put extra attention into the chimney! Looks and came out great. GAF timberline oyster Gray.

best residential roofing (2)
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  • New Construction

Just finished this job came out great. A little tricky but nothing we can't handle! GAF Timberline pewter Gray

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best roofer in cape code (2)
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  • New Construction

Strip and reroof...lay over the garage. Look's and came out fantastic. GAF Timberline pewter Gray really looks well with this home!

best southshore residential roofer (8)
best southshore residential roofer (10)
best southshore residential roofer (6)
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  • New Construction

A roof with a view. Completed early in the week before all the rain started. I'm sure it's taking some heavy winds right now but it's hand nailed not a worry in the world.

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  • New Construction

New  construction.

best residential roofer in southshore (2)
best residential roofer in southshore (4)
best residential roofer in southshore (5)
  • New Construction

Strip and re roof. Fixed a sunken rafter. What a difference looks great

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  • New Construction

New  construction.

  • Leaf Guards and Flat Roofs

Little bit of everything on this home. New roof, siding repair, install some leaf guards and a couple of flat roofs. Everything came out great. 

  • Attaching cupola's

Final touches on the Dartmouth Farmhouse. Attaching the Cupola's

  • GAF Timberline

GAF Timberline Fox Hollow came out awesome!

  • Original Home

Roofing a home in a neighborhood that we originally roofed in when the neighborhood was built.

  • Pewter gray

Pewter gray...Looks goooood!

  • New Roof

New roof on this home looks great. New coat of paint on the chimneys and replaced the lead with some new lead. All set for quite a while.

  • Gaf Pewter gray

Pewter grey looks great on this home. New skylight, trim board and flashing.

  • GAF Oyster gray

The weather has been fantastic. Cannot complain. The GAF oyster gray looks great.

  • New Construction

Slight Change of Pace. Some new construction

  • Gaf pewter gray

GAF Pewter gray on this home looks really good. All set.

  • Chimney Removal

Three layer strip and chimney removal. All set looks great.

  • Soffit and gutter

Some tree damage on this home. Toof out the soffit, gutter and punched a lot of holes in the roof deck. All set it looks great. 

  • Architect Shingle

The roof came out great. Ice and water Shield the entire roof upon the customer's request. The architect shingle really dresses up a home like this.

  • GAF Timberline pewter

GAF Timberline Pewter looks great on this home

  • GAF Timberline Hickory

GAF Timberline Hickory really goes well on this building. Looking good!

  • Residential property

Survived a curve-ball or two by mother nature but got it done anyway!

  • Residential property

Looks like spring has sprung on this job. The first daffodils of the season.

  • GAF Timberline Shakewood

GAF Timberline Shakewood on this home

  • Three Tab Shingles

Don't really use the Three Tab Shingles too much anymore but I really like how this one came out.

  • Residential Home

Had to dodge a few raindrops but it got done. This home is a prime example of why I nail my roofs by hand. This roof has been repaired countless times over the years but it is all set now. No more worries

  • GAF Timberline Charcoal

What a difference this GAF Timberline architectural charcoal roof shingle makes on this home, looks great!

  • 200 Year old Farm House

200 Year Old Farmhouse Stripped Clean. Time for the framers to do their magic and we'll be back

  • Nailed by hand

Hurricane nailed and nailed-by hand. Definitely a good idea down by the water

  • GAF Timberline Pewter

Beautiful country home in a beautiful country setting. Done with GAF Timberline pewter grey.

  • New Plywood

All new plywood front and back of the main house plus took the chimney apart to get the plywood under there and stop the leak in that has leaked since the house was built. All set and ready for winter.

  • Charcoal Shingles

Some jobs can be a little more challenging than others. But that's not a problem, actually enjoy taking on jobs like this one because they come out looking so nice when they are all done. New roof with charcoal shingles with new gutter guards.

  • New Architectural Roof

This home came out beautiful with it's new Architectural roof. Some extra care was needed to mount the new weather vane. So it was carefully removed and brought to the ground so the weather vane could mounted properly. Then remounted to the roof.

  • FlAshing Repairs

Some major repair work needed on this home. Areas that required flashing were not properly done.

  • Storage

Maybe a little chill in the air but we're getting it done anyway

  • Commercial Roofing

Commercial Property being brought back to life. Going to be a Retail Center Now

  • Dartmouth farmhouse

Some major repair work needed on this Dartmouth Farmhouse.

  • Skylight Installation

New roof, new skylights, new roof under the new deck. That's why enjoy what we do. Looks nice.

  • Ventilation

Some added ventilation will help cool down the attic on this home that had an issue with icing.

  • Ice Dam REpair

Some serious ice issues last year.  We iced and watered everything and sealed it up tight. Ice dam issues will be a thing of the past.

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